If you desire to achieve Globally Recognized Journalist Certification : then the Certified Journalist Institute ™  is the first to provide Graduate Certification. The Institute is part of our Global Graduate Board of Standards recognizing standards in graduate credentials for Journalists and Investigative Reporters.  To earn GAFM ™  Certification, please submit a resume if you have over 5 years of Journalistm Industry experience with an accredited education.  GAFM ® is the home of the Flagship CJ Certified Journalist Board Certification.

Welcome to the Certified Journalist Institute

  • The Worlds First Journalism Graduate Certification
  • Earn the CJ Certified Journalist Designation
  • We are the Board of Standards for Quality in Journalist
  • New Job Tools and Global Networking for Members
  • Working with Colleges and Training Centers Globally
  • China, Arabia, India, Africa, UK, USA
  • TUV Accredited and ISO Certified 29990 & 9001


Journalist Certifications and Designations

  1. CJ Certified Journalist ™
  2. CPS Certified Political Scientist  ™– CPJ Certified in Political Journalism ™
  3. CSR Certified Sports Reporter ™ – CSJ Certified in Sports Journalism ™
  4. CIR Certified Investigative Reporter ™
  5. CFR Certified Financial Reporter  ™ – CFJ Certified in Financial Journalism ™
  6. CBR Certified Business Journalist ™  – CBJ Certified in Business Journalism ™
  7. CTJ Certified Technology Journalist ™ – CJT Certified Journalist in Technology ™
  8. CSJ Certified Science Journalist ™ – CSJ Certified in Scientific Journalism ™
  9. CIJ Certified International Journalist ™
  10. CLR Certified Legal Reporter – Board Certified in Law Journalism